Nebraska Chapter, National Association of Social Workers Bylaws

Approved June 2007 – Updated November 13, 2015

The name of the Organization shall be National Association of Social Workers, Nebraska Chapter


  1. The Nebraska Chapter is constituted to advance the purposes of the National Association of Social Workers in Nebraska and for the purpose of' association administration and is the basic administrative unit of the National Association of Social Workers. The Nebraska Chapter program and structure shall be designed to encourage and facilitate participation by the members. The program of the Nebraska Chapter shall be related to the basic unified program plan of' the National Association of' Social Workers taking into consideration the special needs and interests of the members within the Nebraska Chapter
  2. The purposes of the Nebraska Chapter shall at all times be consonant with the National Association of Social Workers’ purposes as stated in Article II of the National Bylaws.


  1. Membership categories, including attendant rights and privileges, are as specified in Article III of the National Bylaws.
  2. All NASW members in the area of the Nebraska Chapter shall automatically be members of' the Nebraska Chapter. A NASW member may elect to affiliate with the Chapter where he/she lives or works. In special circumstances, as determined by the National Board of Directors, a member may elect to affiliate with a chapter within which a member neither lives or works


  1. The officers of the Nebraska Chapter are the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, President-Elect, and other officers deemed necessary for Chapter operations.
  2. Duties
    1. President - The presiding officer of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee, and an ex-officio member of all committees; represents the Board of Directors between its meetings and reports to the Board of Directors all important interim actions; in consultation with the Board of Directors makes all appropriate committee, taskforce, unit and other appointments; is available to consult with staff.
    2. President-Elect - The Chapter President shall be elected one year in advance of assuming the duties of the office. This person is called the President-Elect.
    3. Vice-President - The Vice-President fulfills the duties of the President in the event of absence or disability and assumes the Presidency upon the President's resignation or inability to discharge the office.
    4. Secretary - The Secretary is responsible for the minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee, as well as for all non-fiscal records of the Chapter.
    5. Treasurer - The Treasurer is responsible for ensuring the receipt, deposit, disbursement, and withdrawal of all Chapter funds and renders regular financial statements at least quarterly to the Board and Executive Committee. The Treasurer serves as Chairperson of the Finance Committee.
  3. Terms of Office
    The officers are elected by the Chapter membership. Chapter officers, except the President-Elect and Treasurer-elect, shall serve terms of three years. Officers shall not succeed themselves in the same office.
    No member shall serve more than a total of six (6) consecutive years of service on the Board. Terms as President-Elect do not count in the consecutive years’ prohibition.

    The President-Elect shall be elected one year in advance of their assumption of duties of the office of Chapter President.

    In the event of a vacancy of the office of President-Elect, the Chapter shall either (a) offer the position to the President-Elect nominee receiving the next largest number of votes in the chapter election; or (b) provide for a special election to the office of President-Elect.
  4. Vacancies
    Vacancies, with the exception of the office of President and President-Elect, occurring before the expiration of terms of office shall be filled by appointment by the Board of Directors and persons so chosen shall serve until the term expires.


  1. Powers
    The Nebraska Chapter Board of Directors exercises all powers of the Chapter specified in the National NASW Bylaws or otherwise delegated by the National NASW Board of Directors.
  2. Composition

    The Board of Directors consists of the following members:

    1. The officers; President-Elect
    2. Two student members, one graduate and one undergraduate, elected by the Chapter membership.

      Representatives from the undergraduate accredited social work programs shall be rotated on the following basis. If there are no students that wish to run for the open position, the next program in the rotation shall be considered.

      Chadron State College
      Creighton University
      Nebraska Wesleyan University
      Union College
      University of Nebraska Kearney
      University of Nebraska Omaha
    3. Eight members shall be elected to represent the geographic regions by the Chapter membership (See Article X Regions for specific information).
    4. Two members elected at large by the full membership of the state Chapter.
    5. One representative from each region from the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee members are ex-officio, non-voting members on the Board.
  3. Terms of Office
    1. The term of office shall commence July 1 for a term of three years for Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and the two Delegates at Large, and two years for all other board members, unless increased to three years by vote of the Board of Directors, except President-Elect and student members shall serve one year terms. No member shall serve more than a total of six (6) consecutive years of service on the Board.

      Half of the regional representatives shall be elected in one year, and the remaining regional representatives shall be elected in the other years. Two of the nominations committee members shall be elected in one year, and the remaining nominations committee member shall be elected in the other years.

      Terms of the officer positions of Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary shall be staggered so that one position is elected each year.
  4. Duties
    Within the policies and priorities established by Delegate Assembly and the National Board of Directors, the Nebraska Chapter Board of Directors is responsible for:
    1. Developing programs reflective of Delegate Assembly priorities and association major objectives, including annual budgets supporting program implementation
    2. Establishing and dissolving committees and task forces based on Chapter programs and administrative needs.
    3. Developing Chapter policies within the framework of NASW public, professional, and organizational policies.
    4. Creating, restructuring, reviewing and determining the level of support for all units of 'the Chapter within national standards.
    5. Representing the Chapter in the community to maintain its relationships with other organizations.
    6. Hiring and annually evaluating the performance of the Executive Director.
    7. Overseeing the fiscal viability of the Chapter, including the development of fiscal policies, adopting an annual budget, publication of an annual financial report to the membership and obtaining an annual audit.
    8. Developing and implementing membership recruitment and retention programs.
    9. Evaluating and appraising of operations relative to achieving association and chapter objectives.
    10. Reviewing the Chapter's organizational pattern after each Delegate Assembly to assure relevant structure.
    11. Review and resolution of intra-organizational issues and problems.
    12. Participating in Board meetings.
    13. Overseeing all other business necessary to fulfill the chapter’s purposes.
  5. Meetings

    The Board of Directors shall meet at least four times annually. Meetings may be face-to-face or electronic. Time and notice shall be given to all members.

    Special meetings shall be held at the call of the President or by petition of 6 members of the Board of Directors. A two-week notice for special meetings is needed unless right of notice is waived by three-quarters of the Board of Directors.
  6. Quorum

    A simple majority of the Board of Directors constitutes a quorum for the transaction of business.
  7. Proxy Voting

    Voting by proxy is not allowed.


  1. Powers

    The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors is responsible for Chapter affairs between Board meetings.
  2. Composition

    The Executive Committee consists of the officers, and President-Elect and Treasurer-Elect, if applicable, plus two additional Board members selected by the board. The Executive Committee should be chosen, as much as possible, to reflect membership concentrations, geography, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, students and chapter special interests.
  3. Terms of Office

    Executive Committee members, other than officers, serve for one year terms.
  4. Duties

    Between Board meetings, the Executive Committee has the powers of the Board of Directors within the general policies, program, budget and specific directions established by the Board except that decisions regarding the employment status of the Executive Director are reserved for the full Board.
  5. Meetings

    Executive Committee meetings are scheduled by the President, or by petition of a simple majority of the Board. Executive Committee members are given adequate notice of the meeting time and place.
  6. Quorum

    A simple majority of the Executive Committee members constitutes a quorum for the transaction of all business.


Nomination and Election processes specified in the Standards for NASW Chapter Nominations and Elections adopted by the National Board of Directors will be followed.

Board members are required to sign the NASW Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest statements. Nonattendance by Board members at three consecutive meetings of the Board of Directors and nonattendance by officers at three consecutive Executive Committee and/or Board of Directors meetings may be cause for removal. When such an officer or Board member has been absent from the number of meetings designated above, the item of his or her retention shall be placed on the agenda of the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors. At that meeting, the Board may remove the officer or Board member by a vote of the majority of the full Board.

A Board member may be removed for violating the Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest statements under the procedures approved by the NASW Board of


  1. Election of Delegates and Alternates

    Organizational policy regulating the election of delegates to Delegate Assembly is specified in the NASW Bylaws, Article V and in the Standards for NASW Nomination and Elections guidelines. Delegates and Alternates will be elected in accordance with those provisions.
  2. Composition of' Chapter Delegations

    1. The Chapter President shall serve as the Chapter’s first delegate to Delegate Assembly. In the event the President is unable to participate as a delegate, the Chapter Board of Directors shall select one of its members as the chapter’s first delegate.
    2. The President-Elect shall serve as the guaranteed alternate for single delegate chapters or as the second delegate if a chapter is entitled to more than one delegate.
    3. Delegates from chapters entitled to four or more delegates must comprise a balanced representation of all geographic areas and population centers of the chapter meeting the Affirmative Action requirements established by the NASW Board.
    4. The Chapter Executive Director shall represent the chapter as a non voting delegate.
  3. Delegate Term of Office

    With the exception of the President or President-Elect, delegates and alternates shall be elected for three-year terms beginning two years before the Delegate Assembly.
  4. Alternate and Replacement Delegates
    • The Chapter President shall be an automatic delegate who, if unable to serve, shall be replaced by a member of the board of directors.
    • Delegates and alternates must be elected to represent the chapter.
    • The Board of Directors can replace delegates only if elected delegates are unable to attend the Assembly.
    • Such elected or appointed delegates must maintain the chapter’s Delegate Assembly Affirmative Action requirements.


  1. Mandated Committees
    1. Executive Committee - as defined in Article VI of these bylaws,
    2. Nominations and Leadership Identification - as defined in Article VII of these bylaws and the Standards for NASW Chapter Nominations and Elections
    3. The Committee on Ethics, as defined in the NASW Procedures for Professional Review and the Professional Review Technical Aids. The Committee on Ethics shall be composed of four members external to the Board of Directors from each of the four regions, appointed by Chapter President with the advice and consent of the Board. The Committee on Ethics shall be responsible for hearing and determining complaints filed in accord with the Association’s policy on professional review. The Committee on Ethics may convene local panels to conduct hearings.
    4. The Chapter Executive Committee will act as the Finance Committee. The Board Treasurer shall chair the Finance Committee.
  2. Other Committees and Task Forces

    The Chapter Board of Directors may establish and dissolve standing committees and task forces based on the Chapter's program and administrative needs. These committees and task forces are accountable to the Board of Directors in all matters.
  3. Committee and Task Force Membership

    In making appointments, the President and Board of Directors should give consideration to members’ competence, geography, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, experience and region recommendations. NASW membership in good standing is a requirement for all committee appointments.

ARTICLE X - Regions

  1. Statement of Intent

    The Nebraska Chapter encourages the maximum possible membership participation through its local regions. Region activities shall be consistent with Association purpose, policies, procedures and bylaws.
  2. Purpose of Regions

    Regions are geographically defined local units that serve the two-fold purpose of representation to the Chapter Board and implementation of programs locally.

    The Nebraska Chapter shall be structured into the following regions along with the number of Regional Representatives elected to the Board:
    • Eastern Region consists of the following counties: Four Regional Board Members and One Nomination

      • Douglas
    • Southern Region consists of the following counties: Two Regional Board Members and One Nomination

      • Adams, Cass, Chase, Clay, Dundy, Fillmore, Franklin, Frontier, Furnas, Gage, Gosper, Hamilton, Harlan, Hayes, Hitchcock, Jefferson, Johnson, Kearney, Lancaster, Nemaha, Nuckolls, Otoe, Pawnee, Phelps, Red

        Willow, Richardson, Saline, Seward, Thayer, Webster, York
    • Northern Region consists of the following counties: Two Regional Board Members and One Nomination


      Antelope, Arthur, Banner, Blaine, Boone, Box Butte, Boyd, Brown, Buffalo, Burt, Butler, Cedar, Cherry, Cheyenne, Colfax, Cuming,

      Custer, Dakota, Dawes, Dawson, Deuel, Dixon, Dodge, Garden, Garfield, Grant, Greeley, Hall, Holt, Hooker, Howard, Keith, Keya

      Paha, Kimball, Know, Lincoln, Logan, Loup, Madison, McPher- son, Merrick, Morrill, Nance, Perkins, Pierce, Platte, Polk, Rock, Sarpy, Saunders Scotts Bluff, Sheridan, Sherman, Sioux, Stanton, Thomas, Thurston, Valley, Washington, Wayne, Wheeler

  3. The Chapter Board of Directors has the responsibility to create, review and restructure regions as necessary.

    Regions shall have direct representation on the Chapter Board of Directors through Board representatives elected by members of the region.

    Regional chairpersons will represent the interests of their region’s members to the Board of Directors and communicate Chapter Board processes and decisions to their regional membership. Regions are responsible in their areas for Chapter program implementation activity as developed by the Board of Directors.
  4. Special Interest Groups

    Any group of members of a Chapter may at any time petition the board of the Chapter to be recognized as a sub-unit of the Chapter for the purpose of carrying on program activities and receiving chapter funds to support such activities.
  5. Other Units

    Other units may be developed or recognized to further the Chapter’s program.


  1. Personnel Policies

    Chapter personnel practices are regulated by the Personnel Standards for NASW Chapters adopted by the National Board of Directors.
  2. Chapter Responsibilities and Authority for Staff

    The Board of Directors of the Nebraska Chapter shall be responsible for the oversight of staffing arrangements as may be required to provide for the conduct of the Chapter's business.

    The Board of Directors of the Chapter, in consultation with the National Office shall appoint an Executive Director who, in line with established personnel policies and practices, shall have the authority to employ, assign, detail, and release all other staff of the chapter in compliance with chapter standards established by NASW.


  1. Chapter Finances

    Funds shall be provided to promote Association programs through the Nebraska Chapter in the following manner:
    1. Direct rebates in accordance with National by-laws Article XVI - Dues and Other Income.
    2. Supplemental grants at the discretion of the National Board of Directors.
    3. Funds raised by the Nebraska Chapter in accordance with accepted procedures of the Association.
    4. Chapters may not establish 501C-3 accounts, nor give tax receipts for any donations. This must be referred to the NASW Foundation.
  2. Chapter Financial Affairs

    The Nebraska Chapter, Board of Directors shall arrange for the careful stewardship of financial resources by providing the following:

    1. A chapter bank account that conforms to the requirements specified in the NASW Standards for Chapter Operations. No region or other units shall have ongoing bank accounts. The Nebraska Chapter may open local bank accounts for the use of units.
    2. A Chapter budget prepared prior to the beginning of each program year (July 1 - June 30) that reflects the Chapter's anticipated program for the year.
    3. The preparation and distribution of financial reports to the Board of Directors at least quarterly. An independent audit by a certified public accountant is required annually and must be forwarded to the National Office by the specified date. A year-end financial report shall be sent to the National office, a summary of this report shall be made available to Chapter members.
    4. The Nebraska Chapter will develop a financial policy defining budgeting and reporting requirements, the staff role in financial management, the reimbursement for chapter leadership and staff expenses, investment policies and policies related to reserve funds in the Chapter.
    5. The Nebraska Chapter will adhere to financial management guidelines approved by the National Board of Directors.


The Nebraska Chapter’s political action committee will conform to applicable Nebraska state and Federal laws and regulations.

The Nebraska Chapter will obtain prior review and approval from the National Office for its political action committee’s bylaws before they become effective


The Nebraska Chapter bylaws may be amended by a vote of at least two-thirds of the Board of Directors representing fifty percent of the regions in attendance at a regularly called meeting, provided that the proposed bylaws amendment has been published and distributed to Chapter members at least three weeks prior to the meeting.

Implementation of an approved bylaws amendment depends upon approval by the National Board of Directors’ sanctioning process.